• Background

    For the New Travel Ecosystem

    Owning to the deregulation and the rise of Asian economies, Japan's inbound tourism market is growing rapidly.

    The number of foreign visitors to Japan has increased from 10.4 million in 2013 to 28.7 million in 2017. The Japanese government aims to increase the number to 40 million in the year of Tokyo Olympics, 2020. However, there are several problems that needs to be solved.

    The first is infrastructure-level preparation for foreign tourist. For instance, hotel and transportation in Japan does not have enough multilingual staff, wifi, and multilingual guides, and these lead to dissatisfaction of the foreign tourist.

    Also, the country does not have enough local travel programs that foreign tourists can enjoy. It is necessary to increase the number of high-quality sports, entertainment, and cultural programs for them to improve their overall experience.

    Finally, travel data has been siloed. It is owned by each service provider and has not been integrated or efficiently utilized.

    We have decided to host this hackathon to solve these problems and improve traveller’s experience with the power of Ethereum.

    This hackathon will be hosted by blockchain experts and top Japanese companies in various fields. We aim to ideate a new type of seamless travel experience for each foreign tourist and launch a new blockchain-based service by 2020.

  • Themes

    Please pick up one of the themes below for your prototype.

    1. Travel infrastructure
    A service that improves travel infrastructure and ensures foreign tourist’s safety.

    2. Travel program
    A service that improves the number of high-quality travel programs.

    3. Data marketing
    A service that utilizes foreign tourist’s data and creates a new value.

  • Technology

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  • Prize

    Grand Prize

    • US$5,000 worth of Ether
    • 10,000 Ocean Token
    • Certificate of winning the hackathon on uPort
    • Free ticket for the next ConsenSys Academy’s Developer Program (worth $1,000 per person)


    Blockchain EXE Prize

    • Free tickets for Blockchain EXE's main meetups (monthly, legal and code) for one year.
    • US$1,000 worth of Ether
    • Free ticket for ConsenSys Academy’ online blockchain course (worth $99 per person)

  • Schedule


    7/20: 17:30 - 22:00

    Day1: Opening, Ideathon


    7/21: 09:00 - 22:00

    Day2: Development


    7/22: 09:00 - 21:00

    Day3: Development, Pitch, Networking

  • Judges

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    Aya Miyaguchi

    Executive Director @ Ethereum Foundation

    broken image

    Kames Cox-Geraghty

    Fullstack Developer @ uPort

    broken image

    Danny Zuckerman

    Strategy & Operations @ uPort

    broken image

    Takuya Sawada

    GM of Product and Service Strategy Department @ KDDI Corporation

    broken image

    Keiichiro Inaba

    Director of Open Innovation Department @ Hitachi, Ltd.

    broken image

    Yutaka Sawamoto

    Producer @ J&J Corporation

    broken image

    Kazuaki Ishiguro

    Director @ EEA Japan

  • Supporters

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    Andreas Wallendahl

    Co-founder @ Kauri

    broken image

    Jim Maricondo

    Japan Business Development Lead @ ConsenSys

    broken image

    Amanda Dominguez

    Asia-Pacific Stakeholder Relations Lead @ ConsenSys

    broken image

    Atsushi Ishii

    CEO @ Couger

    broken image

    Yasunori Motani

    Blockchain Project Lead @ KDDI Corporation

    broken image

    Ken Naganuma

    Researcher of Social System Department @ Hitachi, Ltd.

    broken image

    Hikaru Takahashi

    CTO @ Couger

    broken image

    Kojiro Hirate

    Lead Project Manager @ Couger

  • Hosts

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  • Sponsors

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    KDDI Corporation

    broken image

    Ethereum Foundation

    broken image

    Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

    broken image


    broken image

    Centaurus Works

    broken image

    Trident Arts

    broken image

    Ocean Protocol

    broken image

    J&J Group

  • Backers

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  • Overview


    2018/7/20 - 2018/7/22



    Speee, Inc.

    4-1-4 4F, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032


    Number of Teams

    15 teams (around 2 - 5 people per team)
    *There will be a selection process if many apply.


      *Transportation and accommodation expense should be covered by participants.



      The IP of the deliverable will belong to participants.



      1. If you apply as a team, you need to have at least one developer who has an experience in blockchain development.
      2. At least one team member should always be at the venue during the program.
      3. Each member should be at least 18 years old.
      4. If a member is below 20 years old, they will have to submit the letter of consent signed by their parent.
      1. You must use Ethereum and uPort for your prototype.
      2. You cannot work on your project before the event begins.
      3. You cannot steal another team's source code.
      4. All codes required to run your prototype must be submitted.
      1. You can apply either as an individual or a team.
      2. Individual participants will be required to attend the team forming session on the first day.
      3. If you apply as a team, only the representative should fill-out the application form.
      4. Lunch and dinner will be provided.
      Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces
      Applicants should not, current or in the future, be in association of any crime syndicate, crime syndicate members or former members within five years, crime syndicate quasi-members, crime syndicate related companies, corporate racketeers, forces disguising themselves as social or political movements, special intellectual violent organizations, terrorists, or a person who is designated by Japanese or foreign government as subject to economic sanctions.

    1. Application is closed.